Submarine cables

Antakia focuses in this exciting field, key in the development of global telecommunications, in an exclusively international environment. Submarine fiber optic cables are the true backbone of global communications and are also a cornerstone of human progress, joining continents and countries and contributing to reduce economic differences between the regions.

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Our mission is making possible the implementation of feasible submarine cable projects for our clients. Our role includes the necessary collaboration with strategic partners providing expertise and experience that complement our ability to act in such a unique environment. In fact, we are one of the few spanish companies having conceived and promoted new private initiative cable projects, not participated by large operators.


Our service offering is detailed below:

  •  Assistance in the feasibility phase, including the execution of the following tasks:
    • Basic technical projects
    • Business and financial plans
    • Administrative feasibility (permissions)
    • Business linkages, finding partners and funding
    • Presales
    • Drafting of contracts for works and supply specifications and RFPs
    • Negotiating with suppliers in the feasibility phase
  • Assistance in the design and manufacturing phases, including the coordination and supervision of the following tasks:
    • Marine Surveys and risk identification
    • Design and manufacture of cable and amplifiers
    • Design of landing stat
    • Achieving permissions
    • Implementation Plans
  • Assistance in the installation phase, including the coordination and supervision of the following tasks:
    • Cable laying operations (onshore and offshore segments)
    • Construction of landing stations
    • Installation and configuration of terminal equipment
    • Operational testing

We work as consultants for various international submarine cable developers and service operators. Due to its characteristics, these projects are of a confidential nature.