ANTAKIA accumulates extensive experience in conception, design, implementation and operation of different types of complex telecommunications networks in diverse environments. This is the core of our business, which truly marks our identity as a company.

At present, our interests are correlated with the development of services and technologies included in the concept of smart city. In our projects the starting line must be undoubtedly from the principles of business logic, efficiency in use of resources and practical outcomes. Thus, our interests are distant from activities whose objectives are vague or are away from the real needs, as can be sometimes of those derived from the R + D + i.


First, we believe that the concept of “smart” sometimes hackneyed, should not be restricted to the idea of the city. There are geographical, social and economic structures in which the implementation of infrastructure and services covered by this concept is equally interesting, if not more. We talk about universities, multinational corporations, associations or even provinces.

Secondly, we believe in a comprehensive, horizontal view, ecosystem “smart”. We conceive the addressing of the resolution of different problems so vertically integrated.

Third, our vision is fully aligned with SoA, with a structure of independent blocks interconnected by following this methodology, and we support for the development of data management platforms and services that participate in it.

Finally, and most importantly, do not lose sight for a moment that the core of our business is telecommunications, and that in a “smart” entity is essential to have such an horizontal layer, backbone of the whole, all other layers that are participating of it and thus form the cornerstone on which everything rests. Therefore, in the context of a large project the conception of this communication layer should be carried out from the beginning in a thorough and rigorous way.

After the above preamble, in the area of networks we provide different servicesto our clients, covering the following fields.

  •  Networks

    • Backbone and access fiber optics networks  (Ethernet, GPON, OTN, etc…)
    • Radio networks in privative and common use bands
    • PtoP radiolinks
    • PmP Networks (Wifi, WiMAX, TETRA, LTE, etc …)
    • Sensor networks
    • Networks IEEE 802.11p (WAVE)

We advice for our customers the most suitable solutions regarding technical and economic criteria, completely independent of manufacturers’ solutions. The only way to ensure this asset, vital to our customers in these times is that, as mentioned before, our business is focused exclusively in the gray matter, in no way in providing or installing equipment or systems.