The design of a data processing center or datacenter is a multidisciplinary task, which requires a detailed analysis of the client’s needs, a broad knowledge of the various technologies and solutions on the market, which are also constantly evolving as well as of course, great experience in the development and management of complex engineering projects.

Data centers are expensive infrastructures. They are, in reality and more and more since the explosion of cloud computing, the sacred temples in which the data resides that make the current and globalized information society move. On the other hand, the data center industry is booming and knows no crisis.

Over the years, the ANTAKIA team has had the opportunity to get involved in the development of the various tasks necessary for the construction of a datacenter. The design of a modern data processing center must consider aspects such as maximum energy efficiency, reduction of the carbon footprint, data security, physical security and maximum reliability of the infrastructures and therefore of the services that are provided from this. All these aspects are closely related, which makes each datacenter a different project from the others.

datacenter1280In the work area of ​​ANTAKIA datacentres, we provide various consulting and engineering services to our clients, covering the following fields.

  • Datacenters:

    • Design of the general architecture based on the client’s requirements. Design justification. Organization and interconnection of the different elements in the technical room, physical distribution – hierarchy, interconnections.
    • Ideal air conditioning strategy. Design and selection of products.
    • Protected electricity supply and distribution infrastructure. Design and selection of products.
    • Telecommunications and IT elements. Envelope. Design and selection of products.
    • Servers and storage. Envelope.
    • Physical security. Fireproof and watertight enclosures, fire extinguishing systems, electronic security systems.
    • Monitoring and automated management of the infrastructure.

We specify to our clients the most appropriate solutions to their needs with criteria of technical and economic rigor, completely independent of manufacturers and models. The only way to guarantee this asset, in our opinion vital for customers in these times, is that, as mentioned in the Company section, our business is focused exclusively on gray matter, in no case on supplying or installing equipment or systems.