Our history

ANTAKIA is a company that started in Alicante in 2003. ANTAKIA is independent, with deep historical roots, as its name evokes, with a differential geographical location, and with the concern of being in front of new challenges for a long time. Conceived by its founder under these premises that are still maintained today with a renewed spirit to tackle new projects.

To undertake new and different stages, professionals with extensive experience have joined the company. We have established partnerships with teams that have a broad spectrum of professionals, and we are maintaining relationship with investment firms to seek funding lines for our projects. We also collaborate with first level strategic partners to carry out strategic plans.

Although we know and have developed part of our profession in different parts of the country, we are fortunate and privileged to belong to a provincial leader and example of success in the national and international panorama.

Our experience is based on work carried out in large national and multinational companies and also in public sector enterprises. All the employees of the company are sharing knowledge, experiences, dreams and the desire working hard to get to be known as “architects of telecommunications.”