About us

We are an independent company formed by senior professionals with extensive experience. We bring solutions to our customers in the conception, design and management of business and projects related to the telecommunications sector.We belong to a generation of engineers counting with the privilege of having enjoyed the best experiences in the world of telecommunications. We have lived the birth and growth of the Internet, the emergence of mobile telephony and the evolution of the terminals and devices and the user habits, the liberalization of the sector, with the birth of new operators, and many other experiences.Over 25 years of experience in a highly competitive and differentiated market have allowed us to accompany a bunch of courageous entrepreneurs that have tackled and managed projects that made them different, more and more competitive and customer-oriented. All these years also allowed us to be close to public administration responsibles that for many years have unconditionally served the citizens.

The management body of ANTAKIA is composed by Enrique Martín Gullón, as the founder partner and Carlos Quílez Fernández as Senior Partner, counting both with an extensive professional career.

In addition to our internal consultants, ANTAKIA counts with a valued network of associated partners, as well as strategic partnerships with specific companies that allows us to respond with flexibility and rigor to the specific needs of our customers.