Urban mobility is one of the key aspects of life in our cities, enjoyed and suffered daily by the majority of citizens. It is also a tremendous cost, both for them and for public administration. Of the various forms of transport, we mainly refer to public or private transportation by bus or car. When we talk about urban mobility we refer to sustainability, safety and efficiency of infrastructure and transport systems, as well as local, national and international accessibility. Needless to say that it is an essential part of an intelligent city ecosystem, and that we consider not appropriate to conceive traffic management detached from other aspects that affect the quality of life of citizens, such as traffic noise, light or air pollution.

There are specific areas in which partners of Antakia accumulate a strategic business experience in the world of intelligent transportation (ITS). This experience allows us to work in this area, which strictly speaking could not be classified as belonging to the world of telecommunications (although these are an essential part of it) to the consulting services we offer our customers.


Specifically, the areas in which we are working are:

  • Sustainable mobility systems

    • Implementation and management of public transportation services based on electric bycicle.
  • Autonomous mobility systems

    • Development and implementation of industrial automation solutions based on autonomous vehicles (driverless).
  • Fleet management

    • Professional Navigation. Maps, alternative routes and integration in web environment.
    • Web fleet management platform
    • Tools for integration with existing ERP and CRM.
  •  Parking support systems

    • Indoor and outddoor parking guiding systems.
    • CCTV, access control systems, plate reading systems.

We specify to our customers the most suitable solution with technical and economic criteria, with complete independece of manufacturers.